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  1. The True Lamb - (Jesus is the slain Lamb who redeems men, but both the Beast and the False Prophet mimic him to deceive humanity) - {PDF Copy}
  2. The Incommunicable Name - (The article by Joseph B. Rotherham on the Hebrew name of God, Yahweh) - {PDF Copy}
  3. Why do the Nations Rage? - {PDF Copy} - (Psalm 2:1-9 - The war against the Messiah by the rulers of the nations occurred in the plot to execute Jesus, according to the New Testament)
  4. Christ and Caesar - (Satan offered Jesus unlimited political power to achieve his messianic mission if only he accepted him as his overlord) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Lamb, Shepherd, King - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb began his messianic reign following his death and resurrection)
  6. Exaltation of the Lamb - (In Revelation, the exaltation and sovereignty of Jesus are based on his past Death and Resurrection) - {PDF Copy}
  7. THAT Son of Man - {PDF Copy} - (The “one like a Son of Man” from Daniel is the source of Christ’s self-designation, the “Son of Man”)
  8. Full of Grace and Truth - (The Fullness and Grace of God are found only in the Word made Flesh, Jesus) - {PDF Copy}

  1. Whomever HE Pleases! - (“HE changes times and seasons, HE removes kings, HE sets up kings") - {PDF Copy}
  2. Jesus Reigns Now - (The reign of Jesus began with his exaltation to the messianic throne after his Death and ResurrectionPsalms 110:1) - {PDF Copy}
  3. Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath - (Mark 2:23-3:6 - Paul's application of Psalm 110:1) - {PDF Copy}
  4. Ruler of the Kings of the Earth - (Revelation 1:4-6 - Jesus is declared the "Ruler of the Kings of the Earth" due to his death and resurrection) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Jesus Reigns Over All Things - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus received the complete authority from his Father to reign over the Cosmos. Only his kingdom will endure)

  1. The Lord of the Sabbath - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 2:23-3:6 - Jesus is Lord with authority even over the Sabbath Day)

  1. Fruitless Temple - {PDF Copy} - (The cursing of a barren fig tree symbolized the coming destruction of the Temple because of the fruitlessness of the nation)
  2. Desolate Temple - {PDF Copy} - (When he left the Temple for the last time, Jesus pronounced its coming desolation to his opponents)
  3. The Temple Setting - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus gave his final discourse following his final departure from the Temple – Mark 12:41-13:4)
  4. The Geographic Scope - {PDF Copy} - (The Olivet Discourse alternates between local and global perspectives)
  5. Wars and Rumors - {PDF Copy} - (The Discourse opens with warnings about coming deceivers who propagate false expectations about the end)
  6. "This Generation" - {PDF Copy} - (Mark 13:30-31 - Was Jesus referring to the generation contemporary with him or to one in a remote future?)
  7. Days of Noah - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus used an analogy to the destruction of the Flood to stress the necessity to be prepared for the sudden arrival of the Son of Man)
  8. knowing Times and Seasons - {PDF Copy} - (Did Jesus Command us to know the "signs and the seasons" of the end?)
  9. Repeated Warnings - {PDF Copy} - (Three specific warnings to disciples are repeated by Jesus in his Olivet Discourse to help them avoid deception)
  10. The Sign of the End - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus declared that the end will not come until  this gospel of the kingdom of God is proclaimed to all nations - Matthew 24:14)
  11. The Abomination of Desolation - {PDF Copy} - (When disciples see the abomination standing where it ought not, they must flee Jerusalem ASAP)
  12. Coming on the Clouds - {PDF Copy} - (The whole earth will witness the “Son of Man” arriving on the clouds to gather his “elect – Mark 13:21-27)
  13. Discerning Times and Seasons - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus declared that “it is not for you to know times and seasons")

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