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Shepherding the Nations

Jesus is the promised ruler from the line of David, the King who is shepherding the nations.  The “ son ” born of the “ woman clothed with the sun ” is the Messiah who is destined to “ shepherd the nations .” Following his enthronement, heaven declares that “ now is come the kingdom of God and the authority of His Christ .”

Exaltation of the Lamb

The sacrifice and exaltation of Jesus are prominent themes in the book of  Revelation . God’s plan to redeem humanity is unveiled in its visions, and his death, resurrection, and enthronement are putting it into action. His sovereignty over the Cosmos is the result of his faithful obedience unto death.

Shepherd King

The book of  Revelation  assures the beleaguered congregations of Asia that Jesus reigns and has events firmly under his control despite appearances and hostility. His sovereignty is based on his death and resurrection, and the latter marked the commencement of his reign from the messianic throne.