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The Shepherd King

The Book of Revelation assures the beleaguered congregations of Asia that Jesus reigns and has events firmly in hand despite appearances and the hostility of neighbors and even local magistrates. His sovereignty is based on his past death and resurrection, and therefore absolute, extending even over “ Death and Hades .” His resurrection from the dead marked the start of his reign from the Throne at the center of the Universe.

The Exalted Lamb

The sacrifice and exaltation of Jesus are prominent themes in the Book of Revelation . The plan of God to redeem humanity and His creation is unveiled in its visions and images. It is his death and resurrection, and his consequent enthronement that have put this plan into action. His sovereignty over the Cosmos is the result of his faithful testimony given in his sacrificial death. Jesus of Nazareth is the “ Lamb who is worthy ”!

Shepherding the Nations

The “ Son ” in the twelfth chapter of Revelation represents the Messianic figure from the Second Psalm whom God declared would “ shepherd the nations .” Following the enthronement of the “ slain Lamb ,” heaven declared, “ Now is come the Kingdom of God and the authority of His Christ .” His “ faithful testimony ” in death and his victory through resurrection marked the start of his reign over the “ nations .” However, he rules by “ shepherding ” them, and not through conquest and tyranny - (Revelation 5:6-14, 12:5).