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His Return

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  1. Hastening the Day of the Lord - {PDF Copy} - (2 Peter 3:3-13 - Right Christian conduct can "hasten" the Day of the Lord, according to Peter)
  2. Rescuing us from the Wrath - {PDF Copy} - (1 Thessalonians 1:9-10 - Jesus is already in the process of "rescuing" us from the coming wrath)
  3. A Crown of Glory  - {PDF Copy} - (1 Thessalonians 2:17-20 - The Apostle Paul looks forward to when he will receive a “crown of glory” at the return of Jesus, the salvation of the faithful believers from the city of Thessalonica)
  4. "Concerning Times and Seasons" - {PDF Copy} - (An Explanation of the "times and seasons"1 Thessalonians 5:1-11)
  5. The Blessed Hope and Glorious Appearance of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Is Paul referring to one or to two separate comings of Jesus? - Titus 2:13)
  6. The Parousia of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - ("Parousia" and other Greek terms applied to the Advent of Jesus)
  7. New Creation and the Coming of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (2 Peter 3:10-12 - Peter links the New Creation to the 'parousia' of Jesus)
  8. The Order of Final Events - (1 Corinthians 15:20-28 - Paul discusses the future resurrection and coordinates it with the Coming of Jesus) - {PDF Copy}
  9. A Summary of the Parousia of Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (A Summary of New Testament teaching about the arrival of Jesus)
  10. The Finality of Christ's Advent - {PDF Copy} - (New Testament passages on the advent of Jesus portray it as an event of great finality)
  11. Stargazers, Monthly Prognosticators, and the Apostasy - (Paul warned not to heed rumors about the nearness of Christ's advent; two events must precede it, the “apostasy” and the unveiling of the “man of lawlessness”)
  12. The Parousia of Jesus - A Singular Event - {PDF Copy} - (The New Testament refers to only one future coming of Jesus and describes it as a singular and paramount event)
  13. The Definitive Sign of the End - {PDF Copy} - (The completion of the church's mission will trigger the end of the age)
  14. Millennialism:  The Parousia Problem - {PDF Copy} - (New Testament passages describe Christ's advent as an event of great finality leaving little room for any subsequent interim stage)
  15. The Antichrist:  What Sort of Figure? - {PDF Copy} - (Antichrist figures in the New Testament are most often portrayed as false teachers within the church )
  16. The Last Enemy, Death - {PDF Copy} - (1 Corinthians 15:20-28At the coming of Jesus, the resurrection, consummation of the kingdom, and the cessation of death all occur)
  17. Meeting Jesus in the Air  - {PDF Copy} - (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 - Paul reassured the Thessalonians that both living and dead saints will participate in the arrival of Jesus from heaven)
  18. The Revelation of Jesus from Heaven - {PDF Copy} - (2 Thessalonians 1:5-10 - The coming of Jesus means vindication for the righteous but everlasting destruction for the unrighteous)
  19. The Coming of Jesus in the Epistle of First Peter - {PDF Copy} - (Peter encourages Christians to persevere in suffering and to live holy lives in the knowledge of Christ’s impending return)
  20. "As it was in the Days of Noah" - Normalcy or Chaos? - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus used an analogy to the destruction of the Flood to stress the necessity to be prepared for the sudden arrival of the Son of Man)
Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash
Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash