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Final Season?

Because the timing of the end is known only to God, the disciple of Jesus must be prepared every moment for his sudden arrival . Moreover, Jesus did not command his followers to know the timing of his return and the “ end of the age ,” nor did he provide them with keys and “signs” by which they can decipher the time of his “ arrival ” or ‘ parousia .’ Instead, he exhorted them to be prepared every day since his return will come just “ like a thief in the night .” Only his Father possesses this knowledge.

His Parousia

Several Greek terms are used in the New Testament for the return of Jesus at the end of the present age. These include  Parousia  (“ arrival ”),  erchomai  (“ coming ”), and  epiphaneia  (“ appearance ”). Regardless of which one is used, in each case, it is always singular in number, referring to only one future “ coming .” The term  Parousia  is applied to his return most often in the letters of Paul, though not exclusively so. It denotes an “arrival” rather than the process of someone or something “coming.”

Revelation of our Lord

In his introduction to First Corinthians, the Apostle Paul describes members of the congregation as those who are “ eagerly waiting for the Revelation of our Lord Jesus ,” an event he connects to the “ Day of the Lord .” In his letters, Paul refers to this glorious event as the ‘ Parousia ’ (“ arrival ”), the ‘ erchomai ’ (“ coming ”), and the ‘ epiphaneia ’ (“ manifestation ”) of Jesus, as well as his “ Revelation ” or ‘ apocalypsis .” By comparing how he applies these several terms, it becomes apparent that the same event is in view in each case, and always he applies whichever noun he uses in the singular number.