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David R. Maas
     +1 (206) 963-1493


Mailing Address:
     218 Main Street, Unit 133
     Kirkland, Washington 98033 (USA)

Other Sites:
  1. Disciples Global Network - ( - Studies on the basics of the biblical faith
  2. The Disciples Digital Library - ( - A compendium of studies and other study materials on the Bible
  3. Endtime Insights Website - ( - Studies on passages about the return of Jesus and related events
  4. The Books of Revelation and Daniel - ( - Systematic studies on Revelation and Daniel with a stress on how Revelation applies passages from the book of Daniel
  5. My Prophetic Reflections - ( - My more personal observations and opinions about trends and movements in the contemporary Church
Mighty Waterfalls - Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash
Mighty Waterfalls by Sergey Pesterev on