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The False One(s!)

In his first epistle, John declares it is the  Last Hour , a period elsewhere in the New Testament called the “ Last Days .” As evidence of this, he points to the presence of false teachers who are disrupting the congregations under his care. These deceivers are the products and instruments of the “ Spirit of Antichrist ” that is active already in the world, and these very same men are forerunners of the final “ Antichrist ” who is yet to come.

The Final Antichrist

The Spirit of the Antichrist is raising up deceivers in the Church, but a final Antichrist will appear at the end of the age .  The Apostle John applied the term “ antichrist ” to false teachers who were disrupting his congregations, namely, deceivers who denied that “ Jesus is the Christ ” and “ came in the flesh .” They were inspired by the “ Spirit of the Antichrist ” that has been operating in the world since the beginning of human history.

The Spirit of Antichrist

The Antichrist is viewed as a political tyrant intent on world domination in many interpretations. Whether this proves to be true, Jesus and his Apostles expressed more concern about the deceivers who will ply their trade in the Assembly. Where the term Antichrist is found, it is applied to false teachers who were infiltrating the Body of Christ, distorting apostolic teachings, and raising false expectations about the future. The “ Spirit of the Antichrist ” manifests itself in deceivers, false prophets, and their deceptive activities.

In the Assembly

In the New Testament, the term “ antichrist ” occurs only in the second and third letters of John. Moreover, the Apostle applies the plural form of the Greek noun to deceivers who were causing dissension and spreading false teachings in his congregations. The presence of “ antichrists ” in the Assembly constituted irrefutable evidence that the “ Last Days ” were underway. These troublemakers were manifestations of the “ Spirit of the Antichrist ,” and forerunners of the final “ Antichrist ” who was (and is) yet to come.

Counterfeit Christs

Since its founding, Satan has been sending many deceivers and false prophets to destroy the church from within .  Popular preaching presents the  Antichrist  as the ultimate global leader, a tyrant bent on subjugating all nations. But New Testament shows far more concern about deceivers working inside the church and causing apostasy than with political events in the surrounding world.

Howling Imposters

ARE WE LISTENING ? In his Discourse on the Mount of Olives, Jesus included several warnings about coming “ deceivers ,” “ false messiahs ,” and “ false prophets ,” men intent on misleading his followers. His warnings are reiterated and expanded in the writings of the Apostles. The ‘ Olivet Discourse ’ began with a stern warning - “ Beware lest anyone deceive you! ” - “ MANY ” deceivers will come and “ deceive MANY .” Deception in the Body of Christ is NOT a new phenomenon or an exceptional problem.

The Beast is Rising!

The subject of the “Antichrist” raises many questions. Who is he? When will he appear? How will we recognize him? What is his “mark”? In popular culture and preaching, he is a global political leader who uses military and economic might to subjugate other nations and attack Israel in the Middle East. But if Satan is truly clever and cunning, why would he do the very things that so many unsuspecting believers and even nonbelievers expect?

Mystery of Lawlessness

The “ Mystery of Lawlessness ” is active in the world, and especially so in the Body of Christ as it prepares hearts and minds for the “ arrival ” of the “ Man of Lawlessness ” and the “ Apostasy .” It will continue to do so until the appointed time when this “ Lawless One ” will “ come out of the midst ” and be unveiled in the “ Sanctuary of God .” Moreover, he then will employ “ lying signs and wonders ” to cause those who refuse the “ love of the truth ” to betray the Apostolic faith.