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Salvation for All

After his resurrection, Jesus declared: “ All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me, therefore, go and make disciples of all nations! ” He then dispatched his disciples to announce his Lordship and salvation to the “ uttermost parts of the Earth .” The Era of Salvation commenced with his death and resurrection; therefore, his  life-giving  message must be announced to all men. The Son of God has achieved salvation for his people!

Shepherding the Nations

The “ Son ” in the twelfth chapter of  Revelation  represents the Messianic figure in the  Second Psalm  who “ shepherds the nations .” Following the enthronement of the “ Lamb ,” heaven declared, “ Now is come the Kingdom of God and the authority of His Christ .” His “ faithful testimony ” in death and his victory through resurrection marked the start of his reign. However, he rules by “ shepherding the nations ,” not destroying them.

Redeeming the Nations

The  Book of Revelation  presents us with paradoxical images and visions that do not conform to our expectations about how God works. His purpose in subjugating His enemies and judging the nations differs radically from so-called “human wisdom.” Just as his contemporaries did not understand Jesus, so we fail to comprehend the “ Slain Lamb ” and how he shepherds the nations from his Throne.