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The Glory of God

In the Gospel of John , Jesus is the Logos , the “ Word become flesh ” in whom the “ Glory of God ” resides. He is the Greater Tabernacle foreshadowed by the Tent carried by Israel in the wilderness, the place where the Glory of Yahweh was seen. John’s declaration anticipates his later passages that link him to the Father. Thus, the man who gave his life for all humanity on the Cross is the true and full manifestation of the Glory of the Living God who created all things.

Grace and Truth

The  Gospel of John  begins by introducing key themes that are expanded in the body of the book -  Life ,  Light ,  Witness ,  Truth , and  Grace . Jesus is the Light of the World, the source of Grace and Truth, the True Tabernacle, and the only born Son of God who dwells in the “ bosom of the Father .” The Prologue concludes by declaring that he is qualified to interpret the unseen God since he alone has seen Him.