The Great Earthquake

In four separate passages, Revelation refers to a coming “ GREAT EARTHQUAKE ,” each time locating it on the day of “ wrath .” Chaos in the heavens and unimaginable seismic shifts on the earth will mark the arrival of the “ Day of the Lord ,” the Great Dénouement when God vindicates His people and punishes His enemies.

Seventh Trumpet

When the seventh seal was opened, a half-hour of “ silence ” ensued before the seven angels began to sound their “ trumpets .” During that interlude, the prayers of the “ saints ” were heard ascending to the throne of God. Now, when the “ seventh trumpet ” sounds, “ loud voices ” declare the triumph of the kingdom and the possession of the nations by the “ Lamb ” as promised in the second Psalm.

The Forty-Two Months

The period when the saints endure persecution is presented in three different but equivalent forms – “ forty-two months ,” “ 1,260 days ,” and the “ season, seasons, and half a season .” These variations do not point to three separate periods. Instead, they link several visions that describe specific aspects of the persecution that takes place during this period.

The Abyss

When it is first introduced, “ smoke ” and locust-like creatures ascend from the “ Abyss ” to torment the “ inhabitants of the earth .” In Revelation, it is the deep pit from which satanic agencies ascend to wreak havoc and wage war against the “ saints .” It is also the “ prison ” where demonic forces are imprisoned until their appointed time to execute their malevolent plans.

Slaying of the Two Witnesses

The “ second woe ” does not end until the “ Two Witnesses ” have completed their “ testimony ” and their “ corpse ,” singular, lies on the streets of “ Babylon .” Only then will the final trumpet be heard as its ushers in the hour of the judgment. The martyrdom of the “ Two Witnesses ” puts the end into motion and seals the doom of the “ Dragon .”