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Spirit and the New Covenant

OVERVIEW  -  From the very beginning, the Church and the gift of the Spirit have been integral to the redemptive plan of God and the promised New Covenant .  In his  letter to the Galatians , Paul linked the “ promise of the Spirit ” to the “ blessing of Abraham ” that God would bestow on the “ Gentiles, through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith .” Thus, at least according to the Apostle to the Gentiles, the gift of the Spirit is part of the covenant promises made by Yahweh to Abraham, and “ to his seed .” - [ Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash ].

City of Abraham

OVERVIEW – New Jerusalem is populated in fulfillment of the promise to Abraham to “bless all nations” in the Promised Land – Revelation 21:24-22:5 . The Book of Revelation concludes with a beautiful picture of the immense and glorious city of “ New Jerusalem ” populated by the “ innumerable multitude ” of men redeemed by Jesus from every nation, the ultimate fulfillment of the covenant promises to Abraham of “ land ” and of “ blessings to all the nations of the earth ,” all “ purchased by the blood of the Lamb ” - [ Photo by Mindaugas Vitkus on Unsplash ].

Season is at Hand

According to the first verse of Revelation , the book is the “ revelation of Jesus Christ ” for his “ servants ,” who are identified as the “ seven churches of Asia .” Its contents concern “ what things must come to pass soon .” The unveiling of this information is vital because the “ season is at hand ”; therefore, “ blessed is he who reads, and they who heed the words of the prophecy .” With the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, the season of the end has commenced - [Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash].

Arrogant King of the North

Beginning with the fourfold division of the Greek kingdom, the interpreting angel outlined the coming conflicts between two of the subsequent realms that culminated in the rise of a “ contemptible ” ruler. Previously, the rise and division of the Greek empire was portrayed in the vision of the “ Ram and the Goat ,” representing the kingdoms of the “ Medes and Persians ” and of “Greece” - [Photo by FERNANDO TRIVIÑO on Unsplash].

Supremacy of the Son

The “word” spoken in the Son is the full revelation of God that takes precedence over all preceding prophetic “words”  –  Hebrews 1:1-2:4 .  The  epistle to the Hebrews  was sent to a Christian congregation located in or near the city of Rome. Previously, it had experienced pressure from outsiders. Now, it was facing renewed pressure, perhaps even persecution by governing authorities. Consequently, some members began to withdraw from the assembly, perhaps even contemplating a return to the Jewish synagogue. This background suggests a congregation with many Jewish believers - [ Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash ].

These Last Days

When we hear the term “ last days ,” quite naturally, we assume it refers to the final period of history just prior to the return of Jesus, a logical assumption. Yet the New Testament presents this period as the age of fulfillment that began with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, In the epistle to the Hebrews , the “ word of the Son ” marked the end of one era, and the commencement of another and vastly superior age - [ Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash ].