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Tribulation of the Church in Revelation

SYNOPSIS  -  In Revelation, faithful saints experience “tribulation,” whereas, the unrepentant undergo “wrath” . Thomas Grams on Unsplash Th...

17 October 2020

Barren Fig Tree - Fruitless Temple

Synopsis - The cursing of a barren fig tree symbolized the coming destruction of the Temple because of the fruitlessness of the nation - Mark 11:12-29.

Fruitless Tree - Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Uns
Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unslash
The gospel of Mark divides the story of the barren fig tree into two sections with the account of the “cleansing” of the Temple sandwiched between them. This literary arrangement demonstrates the two episodes are linked.  The fruitlessness and the cursing of the fig tree communicate things about the spiritual state and destiny of the Temple in Jerusalem. Both actions foreshadowed the coming destruction of the Temple (Mark 13:1-3).

07 October 2020

Power and Wisdom of God

SYNOPSIS:  God’s Power and Wisdom are revealed in Christ Crucified, not in mighty signs and wonders - 1 Corinthians 1:18-24.

By Felix on Unsplash
By Felix on Unsplash
A lie being propagated by many deceivers within the church is that God is about to pour out mountains of miracles on His saints, causing a stupendous revival that will produce a “Great Harvest” of billions of souls. Apparently, it is the display of vast supernatural powers that will win hearts and awe souls into submission to the Kingdom.

30 September 2020

Neither Jew nor Gentile

SynopsisTo return to the custodianship of the Law is to rebuild the wall between Jewish and Gentile children of GodGalatians 3:26-29.

By Bill Oxford on Unsplash
By Bill Oxford on Unsplash
In his letter to the Galatians, the Apostle Paul compares the Law or Torah to a “custodian” or paidagōgos
. The English term “pedagogue” is derived from this noun. Unlike English, the Greek term does not refer to an educator but, instead, to someone with supervisory responsibilities.

17 September 2020


SynopsisThe Abyss is the source of satanic attacks against the people of God, yet it is under the authority of the LambRevelation 11:7.

Yosh Ginsu on
Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

A place called the “Abyss” is introduced when the fifth trumpet sounds in Chapter 9 of the book of Revelation, a pit from which a horde of locust-like creatures ascends to torment the “inhabitants of the earth.” In Revelation, this deep place is the source from which satanic agencies ascend to wage war against the “saints.” It also functions as a “prison” to hold satanic forces until their appointed time to “ascend” and wreak havoc on their victims (Revelation 9:1-2, 13:1-2, 17:8, 20:1-3, 20:7-10).

16 September 2020

Call to Action - Seven Beatitudes of Revelation

SYNOPSIS:  Through a series of seven “beatitudes,” the book of Revelation summons believers to faithfulness despite hostility and persecution - Revelation 1:3.
The primary purpose of the book of Revelation is not to be a tool of divination by which one may peer into the future or to provide a detailed chronology of history in advance. Instead, it summons the people of God to vigilance, right living, and faithful witness while living in a hostile society. It is not so much about when certain events will occur, but how churches must “overcome” in their present situations and, in the end, arrive at New Jerusalem.