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Single and Final Return of Jesus

SYNOPSIS  -  The Parousia of Jesus will be a singular event of great finality, both for the righteous and the wicked .  Several Greek terms ...

25 February 2021

Tribulation, Kingdom, Endurance

SYNOPSIS – Exiled on Patmos, John is a “fellow-participant” in the tribulation, kingdom, and endurance - “In Jesus” – Revelation 1:9

Lighthouse storm - Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
At the start of his first vision, John identified himself as a “
fellow-participant” with the seven churches of Asia in the tribulation and kingdom and endurance in Jesus.” The Apostle was banished to the island of Patmos because of his testimony for Jesus. Like several of the congregations on the mainland, he endured “tribulation” for the sake of the “kingdom” of God. - [Lighthouse - Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash].

24 February 2021

When Pentecost Arrived

SYNOPSIS – On the day of Pentecost, the long-anticipated time of fulfillment arrived when Jesus unleashed the Spirit of God – Acts 2:1-4

Flame - Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash
The second chapter of 
Acts stresses the theme of fulfillment – The things foreshadowed in the Hebrew scriptures were actualized when the gift of the fledgling congregation of disciples were “filled with the Spirit,” especially the fulfillment of the Feast of Pentecost. The arrival of the Spirit was the seminal event that marked the inauguration of the Church and the age of the Spirit. It set the stage for the spread of the new faith - A process documented in the book of Acts. - [Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash].

23 February 2021

Governing Authorities

SYNOPSIS - The Cross of Christ is incompatible with any program or ideology that calls for revolution, violence, or regime change – Romans 13:1-8

Colosseum - Photo by Craig Zdanowicz on Unsplash
Writing to the house churches of Rome in the epicenter of the Roman Empire, the Apostle Paul presented clear principles for Christian conduct towards the State. This was written around A.D. 56 to 58 when 
Nero was the absolute ruler of the Roman world (Nero Claudius Caesar Germanicus), considered by many historians as one of the most despotic and mentally unbalanced emperors. And in his last years, he became the first emperor to target Christians for persecution. And rather ironically, Paul himself may have been one of the many victims of the Neronian persecution. - [Photo by Craig Zdanowicz on Unsplash].

22 February 2021

Between Law and Spirit

SYNOPSIS – Between the ascension and the gift of the Spirit, the apostles tarried in prayer and appointed Matthias to complete their number - Acts 1:12-26

Jerusalem - Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash
After the ascension, the apostles returned to Jerusalem to pray and wait for the “promise of the Father” – The gift of the Holy Spirit. They “tarried” over ten days in an “upper room” in the city, praying “with one accord.” During this time, they appointed Matthias to the apostolic role previously held by Judas. As the representatives of the new people of God formed around Jesus, their number had to be twelve to demonstrate continuity with the covenant established by Yahweh with Abraham. - [Jerusalem - Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash].

Tarry in Jerusalem

SYNOPSIS – Jesus commanded his disciples to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the Spirit, empowering them to become his witnesses - Acts 1:1-11

Waterfalls - Photo by sgcdesignco on Unsplash
The book of Acts begins in Jerusalem - The heart of the Jewish nation - with the ascension of Jesus and the outpouring of the Spirit. It concludes with Paul preaching the gospel in Rome - The heart of the world empire. Following his Death and Resurrection, Jesus ascended to become the Lord who reigns over the nations “at the right hand of God.” His sovereignty over the Cosmos is implemented as his message is proclaimed by “his witnesses” - even to the “
uttermost parts of the earth” - [Photo by sgcdesignco on Unsplash].