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This blog site is a teaching ministry of the Disciples Global Network designed to provide you with detailed studies on Bible prophecy and related subjects. The goal is to understand passages in their literary and historical contexts. The theological center of the Bible is Jesus; his Death and Resurrection. God's promises and "mysteries" find their meaning in him.

The Apostle Paul declared that the forms of this age are in the process of passing away because of the death of Jesus and his bodily resurrection. All things have become new; nothing can ever be the same. This includes the identity of the people of God. Even now, the “age to come" has commenced and is making inroads wherever the gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed. The promised “new creation" began in the resurrection of Jesus, the "firstborn of the dead."

A popular interpretation often begins with a misunderstood text, perhaps a verb tense, then it assumes multiple incarnations as it propagates in popular preaching and daily discussion. The first principle must be to respect a text as it was written. The interpretive process must begin with what the original author intended to communicate to meet specific needs in a real historical situation.

All our posts are free and not copyrighted; anyone may copy, reuse, and distribute them as he or she wishes. If you are interested in supporting this work, please follow the links to our PayPal page.

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