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This web site is a teaching ministry of End Time Insights. It is a collection of articles examining scriptural passages concerned with last day events and the "coming" or parousia of Jesus Christ. The focus is on understanding the "End Times" in light of his death and resurrection.

The Apostle Paul declared that the forms of this age are already in the process of passing away on account of the death of Jesus and his resurrection. All things have become new; nothing can ever be the same, including the identity of the people of God. Even now, the “age to come,” the “new creation,” has dawned and is making inroads wherever the gospel of the kingdom is proclaimed.

A popular interpretation often begins with a misunderstood text, perhaps a verb tense, then it assumes multiple incarnations as it propagates in popular preaching and daily discussion.

The first principle must be to respect a text as it was first written. The interpretive process must begin with what the original author intended to communicate to meet specific needs in a real historical situation.

I was born in Seattle, Washington and raised south of it in the Burien-Des Moines area. I became a Christian in 1971 and began attending Bible college in 1973. Since then, I have resided in Seattle, Hawaii, briefly in northern California, Whidbey Island, and Kirkland, Washington, my present home.

I have expertise in textual criticism: the reconstruction, the transmission and the translation of ancient manuscripts. I am a graduate of the Pacific School of Theology of Seattle, Washington, USA.

All my posts are free and not copyrighted; anyone may copy and reuse them as he or she wishes. If you are interested in supporting this work, please follow my links to my PayPal page.

Contact Information:
David R. Maas


Mailing Address:
     218 Main Street, Unit 133
     KirklandWashington 98033 (USA)

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