Beastly Economics

The “False Prophet” uses economic power against anyone who refuses to render homage to the World Empire, and the “Mark of the Beast” is his enforcement mechanism. The ability to impose monetary penalties on nations, communities, and individuals is key to the imperial power of the First Beast.

The Book of Revelation contrasts the “Inhabitants of the Earth” with the followers of the “Lamb.” Members of the former group have the “Number of the Beast” branded on their “right hand,” but those of the latter have the name of the “Lamb written on their foreheads.” The “Mark of the Beast” is the Devil’s counterfeit of the “Seal of God” - (Revelation 7:1-3, 14:1-4).

100 Bill - Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash
[Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash]

All the “
Inhabitants of the Earth” take this “Mark,” therefore, they are legally authorized to engage in commerce – “To buy and sell.” In contrast, the followers of the “Lamb” bear his name and are therefore prohibited from participating in the economic life of the Empire - (Revelation 13:16-18).

Humanity is divided into two recognizable groups - the men who follow the “Lamb,” and the “Inhabitants of the Earth” who submit to the “Beast.” To which group anyone belongs determines whether his name is included in the “Lamb’s Book of Life.” References to the “Earth” and “Zion” are not geographical, but relational.

The “Mark” or “Number” designates whether one belongs to the “Beast.” Without it, no one is permitted to engage in economic life. The ability to “buy and sell” is dependent on swearing fealty to the First Beast.

Having the “Mark of the Beast” also determines whether anyone is excluded from the “Book of Life.” Placing the Beast’s “Mark” on the “forehead” or “right hand” mimics the ancient call for Israel to worship Yahweh alone. It is religious imitation, a counterfeit - (Deuteronomy 6:5-8).

If the “Seal of God” is figurative, so is the “Mark of the Beast.” Anyone who gives allegiance to the “Beast” takes its “Mark,” just as everyone who follows the “Lamb” receives the “Seal of God.”


The congregation of Smyrna was experiencing economic deprivation because it refused to compromise with the surrounding culture, and its members were enduring slander from the “Synagogue of Satan” – (Revelation 2:8-11).

Nevertheless, though the saints in Smyrna were impoverished, they “were rich” because they persevered. If they continued to do so, they would escape the “Second Death” and receive the “crown of life” in the city of “New Jerusalem.”

The beastly system of John’s time was the Roman Empire. Though it was not the final incarnation of the “Beast,” it certainly was a forerunner and possessed many of its attributes. Satan has been pushing the same agenda from the beginning, which is why the Church often experiences economic oppression from governing powers.

The Beast’s final form will come, and when a political entity appears on the world scene that uses economic control against other nations, peoples, and individuals as its primary policy tool, it will be the first sign that the final “Beast” is starting its “ascent from the Sea.”

We must choose whether to give fealty to the Beast or to “follow the Lamb wherever he goes.” If we do the latter, we will find ourselves marginalized by society, but we also will stand before the “Lamb” in the “city of New Jerusalem.” If the former, we may one day find our names have been expunged from the Book of Life.

  • Beast from the Sea - (The Dragon began his attack against the Seed of the Woman by summoning his seed, the Beast from the Sea – Revelation 13:1-5)
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