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Revelation of Jesus Christ

The first paragraph of the Book of Revelation presents its purpose, key themes, main characters, how it communicates, and its chronological perspective. The Book’s purpose is to reveal. Its protagonists are God , Jesus , and the “ his servants .” It is “ THE prophecy ,” singular, and its source is God. The contents concern “ What things must come to pass ,” and this last clause provides the timeframe of these events, namely, “ soon . ”

Consummation of All Things

Paul pegs the start of the “ Last Days ” to the death and resurrection of Jesus. In the Nazarene, the messianic age, the time of fulfillment arrived in earnest. Ever since the promises of God have been finding their “ yea and amen ” in the Risen Christ. While the term “ Last Days ” is not frequent in the Apostle’s letters, he does demonstrate his understanding that History’s final stage commenced with the death and resurrection of the Messiah, and therefore, nothing can or ever will be the same again.