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  1. Kept from the "Hour of Trial" - The promise of escape from the "hour of trial" refers not to escape from tribulation but fr the final judgment on the wicked (Revelation 3:10)
  2. The Wrath of God in the book of Revelation - In Revelation "wrath" refers to the final judgment of God on His opponents and is never equated with "tribulation."
  3. The Tribulation of the Church - In the book of Revelation "tribulation" is what followers of the Lamb experience and through which they are summoned to persevere
  4. The Isle of Patmos - John describes himself as a "fellow participant in THE tribulation"
  5. The Beast from the Sea - (Revelation 13:1-10). The Beast ascends from the sea in order to wage war against the "saints" and to slander those who "tabernacle in heaven"
  6. War in Heaven and on the Earth - (Revelation 12:7-17). The Dragon wages war against the Woman's "seed," they who have the testimony of Jesus.
  7. History's Final Battle - The Battle of Armageddon and the attack by "Gog and Magog" portray the Dragon's final attempt to annihilate the Church, the People of God