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Lamb, Seals, and Trumpets

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  1. The Opening of the Seven Seals - (A Synopsis) - {PDF Copy}
  2. The Throne and the Sealed Scroll - (Revelation 4:1 - 5:14 - The Throne, the Sealed Scroll, and the Lamb) - {PDF Copy}
  3. The Messianic Reign in Revelation - (Revelation assures beleaguered Christians that Jesus reigns and is in firm control of history) - {PDF Copy}
  4. The First Four Seals - (Following his enthronement, the Lamb begins to open the first four seals) - {PDF Copy}
  5. The Fifth Seal - (Revelation 6:9-11 - The fifth seal reveals the souls of martyrs underneath an altar from which they cry out for vindication and justice) - {PDF Copy}
  6. The Sixth Seal - (Revelation 6:12-17The sixth seal ushers in the Day of the Lord, the time of wrath and judgment upon the inhabitants of the earth) - {PDF Copy}
  7. The Sealing of God's Servants - (Revelation 7:1-8 - The servants of God are sealed, numbered and assembled for transit to the Promised Land) - {PDF Copy}
  8. The Innumerable Multitude - (Revelation 7:9-17 - An innumerable multitude of men from every nation is seen exiting the Tribulation to stand before the Lamb) - {PDF Copy}
  9. The Seventh Seal - (Revelation 8:1-6 - The Seventh seal opening introduces the next sevenfold series, the seven trumpets) - {PDF Copy}
  10. The First Four Trumpets - (Revelation 8:7-12 - The first four trumpets parallel the first four seals - both afflict within defined limits) - {PDF Copy}
  11. The Fifth Trumpet - (Revelation 8:13-9:12 - Three “woes” are proclaimed that correspond to the last three trumpets) - {PDF Copy}
  12. The Sixth Trumpet - (Revelation 9:13-21 - The sixth trumpet is related to the sixth bowl of wrath; both release creatures from beyond the Euphrates) - {PDF Copy}
  13. The Little Scroll - (Revelation 10:1–11 - The last plague failed to produce repentance;  something else is needed to complete “the mystery of God) - {PDF Copy}
  14. The Measuring of the Sanctuary - (Revelation 11:1–2 - The sanctuary is “measured” in preparation for the prophetic ministry of the Two Witnesses) - {PDF Copy}
  15. The Two Witnesses - (Revelation 11:3–14 - Having been prepared in the “measuring” of the sanctuary, the Two Witnesses carry out their prophetic witness to the “inhabitants of the earth") - {PDF Copy}
  16. The Seventh Trumpet or Third Woe - (Revelation 11:15–19 - The seventh trumpet blast ushers in the end of the age and final judgment) - {PDF Copy}
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