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Churches of Asia

  1. Taking Revelation's Target Audience Seriously - {PDF Copy} - (The book in its entirety is addressed to seven historical churches in the province of Asia)
  2. The Redeemed of the Earth - {PDF Copy} - (The church under assault in the book of Revelation - The book's protagonists)
  3. The Prologue of the Book - {PDF Copy} - (The first paragraph of the Book of Revelation - Revelation 1:1-8)
  4. The Opening Vision on Patmos - {PDF Copy} - (A vision of a "son of man" figure walking among seven golden lampstands - Revelation 1:9-20)
  5. Introduction to the Seven Letters - {PDF Copy} - (An overview of the seven letters to the churches of Asia)
  6. The Churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, and Pergamos - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 2:1-17)
  7. The Churches of Thyatira and Sardis - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 2:18 - 3:6)
  8. The Churches of Philadelphia and Laodicea - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 3:7-22)
  9. Kept from the "Hour of Trial" - {PDF Copy} - (Revelation 3:10The promise of escape from the "hour of trial" refers to escape from the final judgment)
  10. The Nicolaitans - {PDF Copy} - (The deceivers within the churches of Asia)
  11. First Vision - A Detailed Study of Revelation 1:9 - 3:22 - (Click on the title for a PDF download of the complete study on the first vision of the book)
  12. The Tribulation of the Church - {PDF Copy} - (Tribulation is what followers of the Lamb experience and through which they must persevere)

  1. The Epistles to the Seven Churches, (By Richard Trench. PDF - Read online or download [public domain]).
  2. Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, (By William Ramsay. Read online or download PDF [Christian Classics Ethereal Library - ccel.org]).
Lighthouse from Unsplash.com
Lighthouse from Unsplash.com